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10 February

I got to see Verne on Saturday afternoon!

He is growing so much and is so darn cute.





Tuesday I got to see the parade go by Cambridge Street!

I watched the whole thing through the windows during my lunch break.

I was warm and dry and it was lots of fun!


Saturday morning I picked Joe up from the train station

and we took a little detour over to 40 steps to watch the sun come up


Thursday was a snow day here.

This is a picture from my desk window where I sat warm and dry

watching the storm raging…

snow falling sideways due to the wind.


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Snow Day


 We are hunkered down for a nor’easter..

The winds are howling,

The snow is coming down sideways on this rather tiny sort-of an island

and we are expecting 8-14 inches by days end.


E is for…

Extraordinary, Edge of your seat Ending

Here in Boston the Super Bowl was pretty Enjoyable

Well, the first half was just Eh..

But the second half was pretty Extreme!

Even if you aren’t a New England Patriots fan

(hater’s gotta hate) you’ve got to admit it was a very Exciting game!



06 February

The fun

That Nana lady is kissing me again!


the good



the random

Joe and I sat on the bench watching the sun come up over 40 steps


The good, the random, the fun

05 February

Romans 2: 6, 10-11

He will render to each one according to his works;

but glory and honor and peace for everyone who does good,

the Jew first and also the Greek.

For God shows no partiality.

This was in my reading yesterday morning.

I found it quite interesting in light of the current political upheaval.


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Scripture and a snapshot

03 February


I didn’t get a chance to see Verne this week but Bonnie sent me these

pictures of him playing peek-a-boo.

I love his facial expression when she is hiding….

and that smile!


Sunday afternoon

The afternoon sunlight comes in through the living room windows.

Tucker likes to take a little cat-nap on the comfy chair.

All curled up in the warm winter light….me too.


Sadly, my daughter and I have schedules that rarely allow us to get together.

But, through the magic of instagram I am able to have a picture

of the day she visited with Verne.


Acorn street in Boston’s Beacon Hill area

is the most photographed street in Boston.

It’s only about a 5 minute walk from work so I often ramble over there

during my lunch hour. I love Beacon Hill!


Sadly, my co-teacher gave her two week notice yesterday.

I am going to miss her company so much!

She’s been one of my very favorite co-workers ever

and I am so fortunate that we had a chance to get to know one another.

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02 February



I have had these wooden swans since before my children were born.

The female is little worse for wear at this point…

which parallels my own life I suppose

 I still love them as much as I did when I got them way back in the mid 1980s.


01 February


D is for….

delightful doorway


30 January

the good


raspberry nut muffins

oatmeal with fruit

softboiled eggs with toast


mustardy quinoa w/sausage and potatoes

Tomato, avocado, cucumber, chickpea salad

grilled chicken subs

homemade instant noodle veggie soup


amazing stuffed cabbage rolls


ground turkey tacos

maple mustard pulled pork in the slow cooker

steak and potatoes


I work days – Joe works nights

I like salads and  beans – Joe likes meat and potates

This means our eating schedules are a bit wonky.

We’ve been throwing away food at home and eating food out on the run.

A lot.

This is a menu designed to fix that situation with a minimum of fuss.

the fun


Joe and I walked Tucker on the beach Sunday afternoon.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t mind being on the leash we got him.

He spent most of the time tucked inside Joe’s big jacket

but kept his head out so he could see what was going on.

When he got cold he would tuck his head down inside and under Joe’s neck.

the random


games and the frisbee in the wooden trunk

at the foot of the bed.

There’s a baseball glove in there as well…..

soon enough we’ll be out of doors again.

menu plan monday

The good, the random, the fun

Monday mellow yellow