everything take away one

by mountainscrumbletothesea



two of my own

and two of his

and one of someone elses

one from up the street

and two more of a different his

one of hers and one of the first his

and one of the second

in the outskirts

Once on a TV show I heard two girls refer to one another as

my person

and once I came home with a friend to flames at my house

I ran out of her car and into my door

shouting my people are in there

So many numbers….

we multiply

and divide

we add to our families

 death and circumstance take away

Really, we are fragments of once whole numbers


fractured by divorce or death or neglect…

we feel we are invisible


no number at all

we seek comfort in groups


but there is no safety net

not one of us equals one

we are all crumbled and  cracked and crippled

we are only pieces of hearts that are broken

we are only slivers of those who have touched us

like  kaleidoscopes glued together with paste

all kinds of colours

that glow sometimes

in the light of others

Once I heard some one say

we are one people

and I believe that is true

but that does not make me whole

I am still fractured numbers

I am still broken hearted

I am still alone

imaginary gardens with real toads