25 march

by mountainscrumbletothesea


It’s been so cloudy and grey lately.

Yesterday was very cold and windy and today it’s rainy and windy -but at least warmer.

I’ve been standing at the bus stop happy for my new job though.


My daughter is expecting a son in October.

She had a miscarriage just before Christmas which broke her sweet heart.

She is past the “danger zone” now and we are all so very excited.

The first grandchild on both sides.


I love my new job!

The logistics are taking some getting used to since it’s just my first week.

But, I love working with the children.


I’ve still been breaking down with sadness over the death of my step-daughter.

I think I may be turning a corner….I hope.

It’s so sad to know she won’t be here to celebrate the wonders of life with us.

I am beginning to know that she is in a better place now

and that is giving me a bit of comfort.