a spirit of simplicity

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Month: April, 2016

7 April



I love the look of rusty things

and, I love circles!

I found these on a walk one day and thought they were pretty neat….

one man’s garbage is another man’s gold

Little things Thursday

Tuesday afternoon


balance of life

4 April


the good

I am still filled with sadness over the loss of my step-daughter.

But, I have come out of the overwhelming grief.

I think of her often during the day but it doesn’t stop me in my tracks anymore

or bring to my knees

I feel so sad for her father and her grandmother.

It is such a strange and empty feeling to know that we will never see her again.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

But….the good is that I can step through my days without sobbing hysterically.

the fun

I had my 53rd birthday over the weekend! Yay 53! Yay me!!

the random

I have been taking public transportation to work.

It’s really a breeze except for the only bus home leaving Wonderland

1 to 3 minute after I arrive…I run as fast as I can till I get onto that bus.

Luckily the commute to work isn’t quite so stressful.

And, seriously, the people….

oh my lord are they ever entertaining….

I never know whether I want to put on my earbuds to block them out

or leave them off so I don’t miss anything

the good, the random, the fun

on the beach on Friday


we’re walking through the dune grass

on the path to the beach

it’s early spring

grey’s and browns

I am looking forward to seeing it all come alive

with the pinks and whites of the roses in the spring time

soulfood friday

1 April

1). It is raining today. As I type this in the early morning hours I am watching the seagulls

fill the field. Though the ocean is still calm on this rather tiny island they are hunkering

down to ready themselves for the stormy day.

2). Today will finish my first two weeks at my new job. I am really enjoying it! The children

are charming most of the time and I am enjoying my co-workers as well.

3). My birthday is tomorrow and we will have the boys with us. I plan on picking out a

special cake and some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Yay 53!

4).  Yesterday the weather was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining after a few weeks

of mostly grey weather and it was wonderful to be able to walk out of doors.

5). My cousin has been posting some wonderful old picture on facebook. Here is on

of my paternal grandmother. I really loved her so very much. She was over 90 when this

picture was taken.


Friday fave fives