1 April

by mountainscrumbletothesea

1). It is raining today. As I type this in the early morning hours I am watching the seagulls

fill the field. Though the ocean is still calm on this rather tiny island they are hunkering

down to ready themselves for the stormy day.

2). Today will finish my first two weeks at my new job. I am really enjoying it! The children

are charming most of the time and I am enjoying my co-workers as well.

3). My birthday is tomorrow and we will have the boys with us. I plan on picking out a

special cake and some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Yay 53!

4).  Yesterday the weather was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining after a few weeks

of mostly grey weather and it was wonderful to be able to walk out of doors.

5). My cousin has been posting some wonderful old picture on facebook. Here is on

of my paternal grandmother. I really loved her so very much. She was over 90 when this

picture was taken.


Friday fave fives