4 April

by mountainscrumbletothesea


the good

I am still filled with sadness over the loss of my step-daughter.

But, I have come out of the overwhelming grief.

I think of her often during the day but it doesn’t stop me in my tracks anymore

or bring to my knees

I feel so sad for her father and her grandmother.

It is such a strange and empty feeling to know that we will never see her again.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

But….the good is that I can step through my days without sobbing hysterically.

the fun

I had my 53rd birthday over the weekend! Yay 53! Yay me!!

the random

I have been taking public transportation to work.

It’s really a breeze except for the only bus home leaving Wonderland

1 to 3 minute after I arrive…I run as fast as I can till I get onto that bus.

Luckily the commute to work isn’t quite so stressful.

And, seriously, the people….

oh my lord are they ever entertaining….

I never know whether I want to put on my earbuds to block them out

or leave them off so I don’t miss anything

the good, the random, the fun