12 September 

by mountainscrumbletothesea

The good

We heart Verne

My daughter’s baby shower was on Sunday. Verne will be making his appearance in the next few weeks. His two grandmother’s are very excited to meet him. I’m in the brown sweater.

The fun

I happened to glance across the room at the shower and noticed most of my friends and family all lined up. So, I jumped in and had someone take a photo!

The random

While walking through Government Center with some co-workers a woman told us her name was Precious Joy and that  she was a celebrity who was having a love child with Drake,  we met a small boy dancing like Micheal Jackson on the sidewalk, and Gandalf -or an Ian McKellen look alike who very graciously posed for a photograph before dashing get off to his next adventure.
The good, the fun, the random