i am glad to have you here at a spirit of simplicity
my name is Kara

We live near Boston, Massachusetts on a rather tiny island (1 square mile)

which is joined to the mainland

by a two mile causeway

i am an amateur photographer
and writer of poems

a bard

i am an island-dweller

i am a daily walker
i am a beach comber

and a wood-sprite elvish girl

i am a gardener

and a gleaner in fields

i am a part of the nature that surrounds me

 a singer of songs
and a lover of life
i am a farmhouse cook
i am a gatherer of sea shells and heart shaped rocks

  and people to love
and driftwood sticks

I am a bicycle rider

I am a help-meet
and a reader of books

i am a needle worker
i am a leading lady to the man that i walk beside

i am a birther of daughters

and a mama to many

and a mama to many
i am a sister

a daughter

a lover

a playful child

a lady of light

a believer that God is love
i am a friend to all

i am part of the great tribe

on this one planet

i am stardust



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