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my momma tried to instill good sense in me
irascible as she was
Lord knows I took a toll on her

but mmm mmm mmm momma
I just can’t contain the thrill that man has over me

He’s standing  just outside my bedroom window

and he ain’t singing nothing but sin

my body trills with the timber of his song

grass crunching under my feet as I step toward him

I lay down naked in the moonlit mint

and let him play



20 march



how you feel today

I feel much like I have been spinning wheels.

This has been the most difficult month I have ever had to deal with

I hope and pray I never have to face anything like this again

As if often the case, along with immeasurable loss

has come a new beginning for me…

and I am looking forward with much excitement







this is from a few years ago

the boys had static electricity from going down the slide

So Joe was giving them a bit of a shock by touching their noses.

You can really see Jack’s hair sticking up


scavenger hunt sunday

Kara and dad

This is my father and I -probably around 1978 or 79.

My cousin posted it on a facebook page, which was awesome

because I had never seen it before.

 He died in 1981 when I was just 18 years old

so it’s really sweet to have this picture of us together

soulfood Friday

13 March

something you wore

my heart on my sleeve





this is from last summer. The building in the backround is the old coast guard station

or the Nahant Life Saving Station as it’s called now.

It was built in 1898.



the stormy Atlantic

blizzard 2015  1



scavenger hunt sunday

11 march


I have a beautiful purple Hyacinth on my desk.

just the one bloom

which with hyacinths is enough

all through this horrible week its scent has wafted over everything

sweet flower


I had a vision/daydream of Ashley in the market on Saturday

she was laughing

when I got home my daughter, Bonnie, texted me to say

that she had dreamed of Ashley surrounded by good energy


birds on the wire

in the early morning sky



inside my favorite place on a rainy day



Friday fave fives
Floral Friday fotos
skywatch friday
Friday my town shoot out

Tuesday Afternoon

So, I’ve been listening to this every morning when I wake up
and every evening at sunset
At first, as soon as I heard the first four notes,  I would put my head down my desk
and sob and sob and sob
but now, I am finding some joy in it
the music is helping me to remember happy times
music is like that
won’t you come with me and see the beauty of
Tuesday Afternoon
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7 March

the day we went to Ashley's spot

the good

last week I got a fb message from a woman who spent some time in the same treatment center as Ashley. She told me that Ashley had helped her in many ways. That Ash had been a light in the darkness for her. She said that Ashly was a very special person and that Ahsley’s  death rocked her to the core. Her words brought me some comfort. It is nice to know that even in her own turmoil Ashley was able to reach out and help some one else.

the fun

We had those boys with us this weekend. Oh my goodness I laughed so darn hard!

the random

Every evening at sunset I listen to Pink Floyd sing Shine on You Crazy Diamond.

Mosaic Monday
The good, the random, the fun
sharing his beauty
Monday musings
Monday mellow yellow
making your home sing

childhood and stardom

your story is one of strength

girl who once sat at the hearth of my life

your story was darkness and light

when you were young we played

don’t step on the cracks

and I held your hand

now your steps are amethyst sparks

on the ground

where we once walked

can you still play this game in your oblivion

your  mirthful and defiant spirit

will always be a part of my story


the sunday whirl

6 March


from the window at my desk, or from the window in the kitchen I can see the softball fields in the park across the way. I know that come summer the girls softball team will be out there playing. I can’t help but think of all you will miss.

I wish you were here.




of the spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control against such things there is no law.



Ashley and Logan grew up in our neighborhood together

-now they are roaming the streets of heaven together

both taken from their loved ones too early

ashley and logan


my step-daughter Ashley and my daughter Bonnie

they were so cute

ashley and bonnie


photographers choice

my little brood of chick-lets on a snowy day



scavenger hunt Sunday

everything take away one



two of my own

and two of his

and one of someone elses

one from up the street

and two more of a different his

one of hers and one of the first his

and one of the second

in the outskirts

Once on a TV show I heard two girls refer to one another as

my person

and once I came home with a friend to flames at my house

I ran out of her car and into my door

shouting my people are in there

So many numbers….

we multiply

and divide

we add to our families

 death and circumstance take away

Really, we are fragments of once whole numbers


fractured by divorce or death or neglect…

we feel we are invisible


no number at all

we seek comfort in groups


but there is no safety net

not one of us equals one

we are all crumbled and  cracked and crippled

we are only pieces of hearts that are broken

we are only slivers of those who have touched us

like  kaleidoscopes glued together with paste

all kinds of colours

that glow sometimes

in the light of others

Once I heard some one say

we are one people

and I believe that is true

but that does not make me whole

I am still fractured numbers

I am still broken hearted

I am still alone

imaginary gardens with real toads