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Snow Day


 We are hunkered down for a nor’easter..

The winds are howling,

The snow is coming down sideways on this rather tiny sort-of an island

and we are expecting 8-14 inches by days end.


E is for…

Extraordinary, Edge of your seat Ending

Here in Boston the Super Bowl was pretty Enjoyable

Well, the first half was just Eh..

But the second half was pretty Extreme!

Even if you aren’t a New England Patriots fan

(hater’s gotta hate) you’ve got to admit it was a very Exciting game!



06 February

The fun

That Nana lady is kissing me again!


the good



the random

Joe and I sat on the bench watching the sun come up over 40 steps


The good, the random, the fun

20 march



how you feel today

I feel much like I have been spinning wheels.

This has been the most difficult month I have ever had to deal with

I hope and pray I never have to face anything like this again

As if often the case, along with immeasurable loss

has come a new beginning for me…

and I am looking forward with much excitement







this is from a few years ago

the boys had static electricity from going down the slide

So Joe was giving them a bit of a shock by touching their noses.

You can really see Jack’s hair sticking up


scavenger hunt sunday

from the other side


I have been doing my first week of training in Watertown.

It’s only about 20 miles but it takes about an hour to get there in traffic.

I have to either through or around Boston…

The view from the roof of the parking structure is beautiful.

 I park up there even though I am there early enough to park on the ground floor.



Today I am at the center where I will be working!

I am so happy to be able to take the T and not have to drive!


It’s been rainy and grey most of the week but the temps. have been warm.


The daffodils are pushing up near the back steps..

little green shoots of hope


I am loving the time change. It’s so nice to have it still be light in the evenings.

Friday fave fives

skywatch friday


13 March

something you wore

my heart on my sleeve





this is from last summer. The building in the backround is the old coast guard station

or the Nahant Life Saving Station as it’s called now.

It was built in 1898.



the stormy Atlantic

blizzard 2015  1



scavenger hunt sunday

11 march




Every morning I see the school bus pull into the lowlands parking lot at 7:15. It waits there for 5 or 10 minutes and then starts picking up the island teenagers and bringing them into school on the mainland. Back when I was young enough to be getting on that bus I couldn’t imagine any kind of pleasure in looking at the same thing every morning for the rest of my life. Now I love to see that yellow bus. I love to see the seasons change around it…the field behind it green and yellow and brown and back to green again..filled with geese or seagulls or misty fog or snow. All is right with the world again this day. Our own individual worlds may have been blown apart during the night but the world around us is still rocking just the way it should be and when we are ready…we can step back in.


soulfood friday

11 march


I have a beautiful purple Hyacinth on my desk.

just the one bloom

which with hyacinths is enough

all through this horrible week its scent has wafted over everything

sweet flower


I had a vision/daydream of Ashley in the market on Saturday

she was laughing

when I got home my daughter, Bonnie, texted me to say

that she had dreamed of Ashley surrounded by good energy


birds on the wire

in the early morning sky



inside my favorite place on a rainy day



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skywatch friday
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